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Take advantage of full-service unlawful detainer packages with reasonably priced flat fees from Cate Legal Group. If you're a landlord or foreclosure purchaser, you can get help evicting unwanted tenants and occupants as quickly as possible. No matter what type of residential or commercial eviction you need, from rented rooms and small apartments to large multi-tenant commercial properties, our experienced attorneys can handle the entire process from posting of notices to restoration of property to the rightful owner.

Get help with eviction and unlawful detainer

"Working with Allan was a good experience because (for the first time) using an attorney didn't feel like I was just a number, or a file."

- S.A. and H.A.

When you choose the services of Cate Legal Group, you have nothing to worry about. We have years of experience and our main goal is to get the property back to the owner in good condition, and in the most expeditious manner possible.


Eviction services for even the most hostile tenants

Every day you have an unlawful occupant, you're losing money. When you read our professional profile you'll see that we are an aggressive, results-oriented legal group who can help with all your landlord/tenant issues including the preliminary stages of the eviction and through to collection services to ensure you get the funds that are legally yours. If you want an attorney who will fight tirelessly for you, and who will keep you up to date on the status of your case at all times, then you want to work with us.

Keep your financial losses to a minimum

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